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Nicholas Ariano

Manager, Operations

SMS is continuously growing and as the company grows, so does the opportunity for advancement. In my two years at SMS Assist I have been fortunate enough to be promoted three times. It was a direct result of my hard work and dedication to improvement that put me in a position to be considered for promotion.

My experience at SMS has been fairly unique. My first day was the day our biggest client account launched, which meant I had to learn and adapt very quickly. Initially, I was hired for the after-hours shift, and our team consisted of only four people. As the team grew over the course of the next few months, I was able to take on a leadership role as a second-level manager. In that role, I continued to grow and learn, helping the facilities department develop best practices to more efficiently and effectively serve our clients. When the company grew and expanded further in January 2015, I was presented with the opportunity to co-manage our biggest client account, the HVAC-R and Electrical Team, as a third-level manager. In order to make the transition, I had to ensure the blueprint for success was in place for the other teams.

In any management role, encouraging confidence and effectiveness on a daily basis is essential. Helping my team members reach their potential as managers is the best part of my job. The people at SMS come from various backgrounds. Those who have been successful here all demonstrate an intense work ethic, proactive thinking, attention to detail, innovative action and the ability to flourish in a team environment. If an employee prospect possesses these fundamentals, they will undoubtedly succeed at SMS.

The culture at SMS is incredibly vibrant. Being situated in downtown Chicago’s John Hancock Center brings a great sense of pride and excitement to the workplace. The work here is very fast-paced with a strong emphasis on teamwork. We work very hard here at SMS, but always find ways to have fun together.