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Joseph Rosenthal

Director, Strategic Initiatives

I started as an intern at SMS Assist in May 2011 and began working full time in January 2012, so I have been with the company for roughly three years. As a pure mathematics major in college, I had a lot of learning to do in regards to business and management. At a growing company like SMS, things change constantly. I had to be innovative and find my answers through the myriad of resources, such as: trainings, management, peers, process guides, system guides and texts. However, most of my learning was done by simply doing. I would throw myself into the deep end and see if I could swim.

The best part of my job is the education I gain each day. My role as director of strategic initiatives exposes me to pretty much every facet of the business: operations, finance, accounting, marketing and sales. It gives me a strong understanding of how things operate on a holistic level. I understand the complexities of how my decisions directly affect all other departments. Ultimately, I feel I gain a wealth of knowledge outside my everyday roles and responsibilities, which benefits both the organization and myself.

My greatest accomplishment at SMS Assist is really hard to pin down to one thing. Watching my team grow into the incredible professionals that they are today has been extremely rewarding for me. I have been working with most of my colleagues since they began their careers here at SMS and have seen their transformation first hand.

At SMS, you get out what you put in. Our culture is about autonomy and results. I worked very hard here and, in my opinion, was rewarded accordingly. If you put the time in, you will have a bright future. You have a lot of freedom to do things your own way, as long as the job gets done right. There are always new opportunities to take on, which could serve as a vehicle for upward mobility. The great thing about SMS is that if you are interested in a certain project, you can literally just take the initiative and jump in. If you really run with it, it won’t go unrecognized.