• Integrated Facilities Maintenance Management

Colony American Homes Testimonial Video

SMS Assist partnered with Colony American Homes, the third largest REIT in the country, to manage the maintenance of 19,000 of their single family homes. The implementation of SMS platform successfully transformed all levels of their organization. Here is their story.

The SMS Advantage

The value proposition

Integrated multisite property management is a fast-growing $35 billion industry in North America. SMS Assist is the only company to provide a fully integrated solution to our clients.

In the past, companies chose from three incomplete options for their needs: fee-based software solutions, regional service providers or national service aggregators. None of these solutions offered a complete suite of time- and cost-saving benefits, until now.

SMS Assist has the only complete approach in the industry. No other provider matches our technology, expertise or buying power. We save clients time and money while improving service performance, driving out inefficiencies and improving quality.


The SMS network effect continuously drives value to our clients

Can you continuously reduce your cost year over year? WE CAN.

Integrated Facilities Maintenance Management

Why work with SMS Assist?

The most progressive companies in the United States are partnering with us. Here are a few reasons why businesses across all industries are choosing SMS Assist:

Fee Savings

Significant Savings

Our technology platform and unique business model drive efficiencies and significant savings to our clients. We eliminate extra fees, work order requests, call centers, data analytics and invoice processing.

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

Our proprietary platform gives our clients big-data analytics, root-cause resolution, real-time visibility into their spend, quality assurance and service verification.

Smart Operating Process

Smart Operating Process

Our entire team works together to seamlessly implement custom maintenance rules into our processes, taking the burden of maintenance off your hands and delivering significant savings.

24/7 Maintenance Management

24/7 Maintenance Management

We manage your maintenance operation from work order creation to vendor payment, allowing you to focus on what's really important, your customers' experience.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

SMS Assist indemnifies clients for any issues with our work and maintains a $50 million dollar insurance policy. This helps manage the risk of maintaining each facility and provides our clients with peace of mind.


Continued Education

SMS University (SMSU) commits to your success by providing training and resources to master the SMS Assist systems, processes and best practices for successful on-boarding and implementation.