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SMS University


SMS University, or ‘SMSU’ for short, is SMS Assist’s training program, established with the motto: Education. Empowerment. Excellence.

The focus of the training program at SMS Assist is all about: our team members, our clients and our Affiliates.

Our mission is to provide training and a tool kit for all stakeholders to work in synergy with SMS Assist. SMSU supports all stakeholders by educating them on how to be successful with SMS Assist and empowers them with the tools and resources they’ll need to master our technologies. As a result, team members and Affiliates excel for our clients.


SMSU supports our team members

All new hires are welcomed to SMS Assist by SMSU with a full training program that educates and prepares team members on all facets of the SMS Assist world, along with the core skills and responsibilities of each person’s role within their department.

The curriculum includes training about our company, our industry and stakeholders, SMS systems training, trade training and more. Once a new hire completes the program, they have a solid foundation for their job and for what it takes to be successful at SMS Assist.

After new hire training, all team members benefit from Continued Employee Education (CEE) where SMSU empowers our team through advanced and leveled educational sessions that are targeted to enhance and further develop our employees with more advanced training for each specific job at SMS Assist. Some CEE classes include: customer service training, call center training, legal relations training, SMS Assist systems training, compliance training, trades training, new technology classes, "Train the Trainer" and a suite of management courses.

SMSU has also expanded into leadership training with a program designed to develop, promote and enhance leadership at SMS Assist.

At SMS Assist, we want to foster and build careers and the leadership program is in place to mentor and lead those who want to take their career to the next level within the organization. SMSU provides ongoing training to develop our future leaders, by providing advancement opportunities for our team members that want to gain new skill sets and enhance current ones.

SMSU supports our clients

SMSU’s goal is to ensure that our clients have the training and resources needed to master the SMS Assist systems, processes and best practices for successful on-boarding and implementation.

SMSU has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies as well as small local businesses and has trained countless executives, supervisors and employees on how to best utilize our proprietary technology to fit their business model.

SMSU’s innovative training helps reinforce best practices to benefit client participants at every organizational level.

For further inquiries regarding SMSU and training opportunities, please contact clienttraining@smsassist.com.

SMS University - Facility Management Technology

SMSU supports Affiliates

A benefit of being an SMS Assist Affiliate is our dedicated SMSU team that is ready to assist our Affiliates and their employees with learning SMS Assist’s online portal and its accompanying technologies.

SMSU trains our network of over 20,000 Affiliates on all SMS Assist systems from our online portal to our proprietary app.

We train through comprehensive webinars and a host of accompanying resources to equip our Affiliates with the tools they’ll need to be successful in working with SMS Assist, our systems and the benefits that go with using our platform and technology.

For further inquiries regarding SMSU Affiliate training, please contact affiliatetraining@smsassist.com.