Investors & Advisors

Value-added investors and advisors

SMS Assist is fortunate to have some of the most distinguished and experienced investors and advisors to help steer the company's long-term strategic initiatives and goals.

Investor Photos_0001_Sam Skinner.jpg

Chief of Staff to President George H.W. Bush.

Investor Photos_0011_John-Cook.jpg

Partner and Director Emeritus of McKinsey & Company

Investor Photos_0009_will-young.jpg

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Hyperion Homes, LLC...

Investor Photos_0008_ScottLang.jpg

Managing Director of City Capital Advisors, L.L.C.

Mark Radzik.jpg

Managing Partner of Granite Creek Partners, L.L.C

Investor Photos_0006_Brian Boorstein.jpg

Managing Partner of Granite Creek Partners, L.L.C

Investor Photos_0005_Chris Girgenti.jpg

Managing Partner of Pritzker Group Venture Capital

Investor Photos_0004_Jeff Vinik.jpg

Chairman of American Investment Holdings (AIH)...


Managing Director and President of Brookside Equity Partners

Meet the rest of our team

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