Interior Maintenance

Interior Maintenance

Interior Maintenance Management

The appearance, cleanliness and accessibility of facility interiors are key in creating positive brand experiences for customers and residents. The ability to create an inviting and memorable interior comes down to the maintenance strategy your business has in place.

SMS Assist understands the importance of creating a lasting impression with customers and residents. Our proprietary software enables building and property managers to execute robust interior property maintenance strategies for better business results.

Interior Property Maintenance Matters

Today’s businesses require proactive property management when it comes to interior maintenance. Failure to do so can result in:

  • High operating and maintenance expenses
  • Bad customer and resident experiences.
  • Non-compliance risks
  • Lack of actionable portfolio insights

To avoid pitfalls in your interior maintenance strategies, you need a maintenance partner with access to reliable and knowledgeable industry experts and the proper tools to provide complete insight into your maintenance strategies.

Streamline Facilities Maintenance Services With SMS Assist

When tile floors, carpet, wood floors and more need additional care, you want a guarantee that maintenance tasks are resolved in an efficient fashion. That’s where SMS Assist comes in.

Unrivaled by any other industry platform, our technology One by SMS Assist connects you with contractors (known as our network Affiliates) with interior maintenance expertise that meet your specific needs.

Our Affiliate capabilities include:

Floor Care Services:

Sweep, mop & buff

Strip and wax

Concrete maintenance

Carpet extraction

Additional Services:

Scrub & recoat

Restroom & office

Window washing

Our industry expertise and buying power reduces costs and time while improving service performance, reducing inefficiencies and ensuring quality.

What is the SMS Assist advantage?

Cost Savings

Our one-of-a-kind business model allows clients to save significantly on operating expenses by eliminating unnecessary work order requests and back-office costs like invoice processing.

Advanced Technology

Access to the data from our platform provides transparency and efficiency for our clients, empowering them to make better business decisions.

Complete Transparency

You have a real-time view into spend, quality assurance and service verification.

Risk Mitigation

SMS Assist’s indemnification is backed by $50 million in insurance, which helps manage the risk of maintaining each facility and provides our clients with peace of mind.

Vendor Quality

An in-house team of operations specialists see that only knowledgeable, highly rated professionals are dispatched to handle maintenance requests.

24/7 Maintenance Management

We manage your entire maintenance operation flow, from work order creation to vendor payment, freeing you to focus on better serving your customers.

Let SMS Assist optimize your interior maintenance services.