• FAQ - National Service Providers


FAQ - National Service Providers

Your questions answered

We understand that you may have some questions as you join the SMS Assist network of over 20,000 subcontractor affiliates across the country.

Below you will find some of our most frequently asked questions, which we hope will be of assistance to you in your journey to becoming an affiliate.

Please reach out to us with any additional questions you may have or visit our Blog for further information and resources.

+ What are the benefits of working with SMS Assist?

You’ll be able to work with SMS Assist's constantly growing customer base. We currently service more than 186,000 locations and that number continues to grow. This growth allows you to focus on providing quality service while leaving sales functions to SMS Assist – Your company will grow with us! The benefits of working with SMS Assist are truly numerous.

+ Why would I want to work with SMS instead of getting the business myself?

As a trusted industry leader, SMS Assist has a customer network behind it that allows you to reach customers that are otherwise inaccessible. You’ll be able to focus on what you do best and grow at the same time!

+ Does SMS Assist train Affiliates?

Yes. Our SMS University (SMSU) team commits to your success by providing training and resources to learn the SMS Assist systems, processes and best practices to enhance and grow your business.

+ Are there any downsides or risks of joining the SMS Assist network of Affiliates?

There are none. With SMS Assist, you set your own rates and can decide the work you want to perform. In addition to insurance, SMS does require that our Affiliates use SMS Assist’s proprietary (and free) web portal and mobile app to communicate details, check in/out, and document issues with photos where necessary.

+ What do I do to become an active affiliate with SMS Assist?

First, please fill out the affiliate sign up form on our website.

You will then be contacted by an SMS Operations Manager to discuss work opportunities. Next, your Compliance Manager will contact you to take you through our on-boarding process and make sure you have received and signed all the documents necessary to establish a relationship with SMS.

+ What are the fees for being a part of SMS Assist’s network and using its technology?

There are absolutely no fees to join our Affiliate network. Sign up to join our network.

+ How often will I be paid?

Services are paid in fewer than 60 days with submission of a correct invoice and other required documentation. Exact payment terms are based on specific Customer agreements.

+ Do I need to submit invoices to you after each service?

Yes, however, certain services can leverage SMS’ technology system that allows you to complete a service and have a payable created immediately.

+ My company provides many services in addition to the one for which I originally signed up. How can I sign up for these additional trades as well?

You will need to inform your primary SMS Assist contact about the other services you provide. Once you are entered into our Affiliate database with your additional services, your information will be shared with all SMS divisions and if you qualify, you will be contacted by an SMS Operations Manager for other trades.