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Introduction To SMS Assist

SMS Assist, provides a fully managed business solution to more than 186,000 client locations with its network of over 20,000 affiliate subcontractors. Using its unique business model and proprietary cloud-based technology platform, SMS Assist continuously reduces client costs to maintain their properties, while improving service quality and speed of delivery. SMS Assist is a Pritzker Group portfolio company.

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Corporate Overview

SMS Assist is one of America’s fastest-growing technology companies and is revolutionizing the multisite property management market with a network of over 20,000 subcontractor Affiliates and 186,000+ client locations, all using the SMS proprietary technology platform.

This technology allows radical transparency of all services performed, so every service is done on time and on budget for our growing list of national and Fortune 500 clients. We aren’t just technology experts. SMS Assist has a 24/7 operational command center at its Chicago headquarters, staffed by highly trained project managers and subject-matter experts focused on delivering knowledgeable, responsive service for every client need.

Our vision

To make every property better.

Our Purpose

To empower providers and property owners with the resources they deserve so they can better serve our communities.

Our Strategy

Provider as Product: SMS Assist distinctively equips providers to deliver services and partners with them to intelligently manage customers’ facilities needs.

Our core values


Relentlessly Innovative




Passionate About People




Unquestionable Integrity

The SMS Assist network effect

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Mike Rothman

"You have to be innovative, provide high-quality services, be proactive and be adaptive to succeed. Everything has already been done the old way. Find a new way to do it better, or someone else will."

  • Mike Rothman
  • Founder & Chairman, SMS Assist


SMS Assist was founded on the belief that technology can make the facilities maintenance business more efficient and, more importantly, add value for the clients we served. Here are some key moments that have shaped SMS Assist into the company it is today.


1999 - 2006

Incorporated in 1999, SMS Assist began as a floor care company with only 10 employees.

Mike Rothman took leadership of the company in the early 2000s, and SMS Assist launched its first proprietary technology platform, Service Track, in 2005.


2007 - 2010

  • In 2008, SMS Assist was awarded a national small box retail account, and in 2009, SMART Facilities Services merged with SMS Assist adding the Facilities department.

    Throughout this time, SMS continued expanding their offerings to include snow and ice management, landscaping, and parking lot maintenance.


2011 - 2012

The year 2011 brought the Pritzker Group Venture Capital’s (PGVC) first investment of $17 million and three members joined the SMS Assist Board of Directors.

As SMS Assist continued to experience rapid growth, the company relocated its headquarters to the John Hancock Center in 2012. That same year, SMS Assist won the Chicago Innovation Award for its advanced technology platform.


2013 - 2014

PGVC also invested an additional $45 million dollars in 2013. SMS Assist launched their first mobile app and continued to experience tremendous growth.

In 2014, SMS Assist successfully entered the residential service market and was awarded over 20,000 single-family rental (SFR) locations. As the SMS Assist client portfolio continued to grow, many new team members joined SMS.


2015 - 2017

To fuel additional growth and innovation, Insight Venture Partners invested $45 million dollars and added a member to the SMS Assist board.

2016 marked the launch of One by SMS Assist, SMS’s most innovative technology platform.


SMS created a proprietary technology platform in which every client and Affiliate can communicate seamlessly with SMS Assist. With constant platform innovation, SMS now integrates Affiliate service providers through a mobile app, using GPS technology to instantly validate all services provided. SMS Assist’s unique business model and innovative technology has been recognized both locally and nationally.

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