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Use this checklist to prepare for a successful store reopening

If your locations are temporarily inactive during this time, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure they’re prepared to reopen at the first available opportunity.

Even when your locations are experiencing minimal or no foot traffic, your facilities will continue to change as time goes on. Problems that were minor or insignificant before the closure might deepen and present serious obstacles. If your stores go unattended for weeks or months, the dangers posed by neglect will grow exponentially.

“Prior experience has shown us that dark stores are vulnerable due to a lack of visibility….If a location is left unchecked for several weeks, problems could occur that run into the thousands of dollars.”

—Lorraine Pancoast, Facility Coordinator for Visionworks

Prepared with a detailed checklist, store managers can survey store locations for present and potential issues that should be addressed before larger disruptions occur.

How to use your store checklist

Store managers and service providers can use this checklist in the week prior to reopening to help ensure that stores are prepared to resume smooth operations. The sooner this checklist is completed, the better; demand for these services will quickly grow as other businesses schedule their own reopenings.

Without a guide to this kind of preventative maintenance at each of your locations, you’d face costly reactive tickets and emergency service fees that could have been easily avoided. Plan ahead with the right information so you can return to serving customers as soon as possible.

Use this checklist to better understand what services need to be completed before reopening your stores. Work with your own providers to complete these services, or partner with a facilities management provider like SMS Assist to tackle it all for you.

What is SMS Assist?

SMS Assist is on a mission to transform the facilities maintenance industry by delivering unprecedented transparency and control. More than 186,000 commercial properties—like retail stores, banks, restaurants, and more—and residential rental properties leverage our cloud-based platform to connect to more than 20,000 service providers and our operations teams that are available every second of every day. It’s a new approach for an industry in need of a better solution.